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Published on October 13th 2015

Cindy’s picks of the month

1. The 30 Most Anticipated Films of Oscar Season

I was planning to go to the cinema with a friend over the weekend but when it came to deciding what film to see, we came up short. We discovered that it’s becuase we both hadn’t been for a while and therefore, haven’t seen any recent trailers that make us want to come back for more. So a quick little Google, and this article came up. And Voila, we now have a list of must-see films to see in the few months!

2. Kale: The toxic truth! How our obsession with the leafy greens could lead to bloated bellies, thyroid problems and even KIDNEY STONES 

I came across this article when a colleague said I should try eating some kale. I do agree with the Daily Mail (pains me to say that…) that kale is a very trendy vegetable, if such a thing exists, and people should check out the potentials of ingesting anything hailed as a quick fix, “fat-buster” or dieter’s mira-kale. That’s right, pun INTENDED. Bow chica wow wow.

3. We Were Upvoted for Posting Nazi Propaganda about Migrants in the Daily Mail

And speaking of the Daily Mail, here’s a fun little social experiment they conducted on the website. With permission it seems, Medium journalists posted Nazi quotes in the comments of immigration articles on the Daily Mail website (replacing the word ‘Jews’ with ‘immigrants’) to see what the reaction was. And the results are, non-surprising but depressing nonetheless.

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