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Published on April 5th 2016

Barcelona- a Game of Thrones inspired city

It’s that time of year again and Game of Thrones will be back on our TV before we know it! So I thought I’d share some of my photos from Barcelona.

As I walked about the city, some of the architecture just reminded me of the Game of Thrones world. I don’t believe any scenes were filmed in Barcelona at time of writing but I wouldn’t be surprised if they shoot a small scene here and there in the future seasons!

So here are some of favourite photos to get you back into the Game of Thrones mood!

Montjuïc Castle- This beautiful vine covered fort would make a nice setting for a Dornish lord:


El Drac de Gaudí at Finca Güell – designed by Gaudi, but the balconies just make me think of the Lord of Bones:

These old stones might be suitable setting for the back streets of Kings Landing or Bravos!

I’m not sure what this building found in the Gothic Quarter could be used for but let me know your thoughts in the comments!Gothic-Quarter-Building-Taken-By-Cindy-Lau-AGeekOutside

We found this old church that has some exotic palm trees adorning the yard- could make a nice Pentos:

The gothic Sagrada Familia is one of the man-made wonders of the world- I will probably die before it’s completed, but there are some side that done and look incredible and imposing:


And there’s got to be something they can  use Park Guell for:

Image credit: Globotreks


I hope the Game of Thrones team give Barcelona a chance- the architecture of this city is just incredible.

On the one hand you have the modern 21st century steel bridges and apartment blocks, but they’re interlaced with some right wacky colourful designs contributed by the countries most famous architect and buildings the city’s historical gothic past. You can just walk around and absorb the history!

News update: Turns out that Castell de Santa Florentina in Barcelona was the filming location for House Tarly. So I’m not far off when I said that Spanish architecture is perfect for filming Game of Thrones!

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