A Geek’s Bucket List

I’m aware that there is this thing called death that approaches everybody eventually.

Before that happens, I hope that I’ll get a chance to tick off as many of the following things as possible:

  • Ride a camel (Tunisia 1998, Morocco 2008)
  • Collect a desert rose  crystal (Tunisia 1998)
  • Hitch hike (France, Spain 2008)
  • Run down a giant sand dune in the Sahara  (Morocco 2008)
  • Learn to dive (Guatemala 2008)
  • Climb a volcano (Guatemala 2008)
  • See the Yorkshire Moors (York 2009)
  • Go on a long(ish) road trip
  • See the Titanic Museum
  • Start a fire from scratch
  • Go to Minecon
  • Dig for diamonds/precious metal
  • Spend the night in the tree house
  • Shark diving
  • Pick my own pearl
  • Stay in an igloo/something made of cold
  • Go to Tokyo
  • Tour an anime studio
  • Eat Ramen in Japan (Naruto’s favourite food!)
  • Snorkel
  • See the Great Barrier Reef
  • Go on a wine tour and learn the art of wine
  • Visit Wales and see the set of Dr Who/Torchwood
  • Sail somewhere in a boat

You may protest “Life is not about ticking things off a list!”, but to that, I would say “for me, it is”. I’ve sweated over this list and will continue to add, check off, remove some of the items over the coming years. It’s no ordinary list…