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Published on April 21st 2013

A Weekend in York



I went to university in York and graduated in 2009. I’ve been back since but only for a wedding so a weekend trip where we just wander about York like we used to was long over due. Queue nostalgia overload!

It was so strange getting off the train, we knew exactly where we were going as our bed and breakfast was near where we had lived for 2 years while studying. Dropped our bags off at the b&b, made a brief visit to the Sainsburys where we had worked at to say hello to an old colleague and to pick up a Pepperomi, and then proceeded to meet up with some of the other girls in town.

The highlights include:

Darth Vadering In the Minster Gardens (Free)

There is a new craze called Darth Vadering where one person jumps up pretending to be Force Choked, while another pretends to be Darth Vader Force Choking his victim, and a third person (with lightning fast reactions) snaps the whole affair.

It can yield some hilarious results:

darth vadering 2

Credit: Cheers Kat!

darth vadering

Credit: Cheers Kat

We originally wanted to do some Darth Vadering at every key York attraction (like the Walls, Cliffords Tower etc.) but it took so many attempts to get the snap we just gave up. Still pretty chuffed with the ones we got in the Minster Gardens with the Minster as a backdrop!

Gojicafe (errr under £6)

Gojicafe is a new little vegetarian cafe which must have popped up on Goodramgate after we left (I spent a lot of time around here).

goji cafe

One of the girls went veggie and found this little cafe and (heavily) suggested we go there for lunch. I fully expected the food to taste like cardboard but was pleasantly surprised that my goats cheese tarte tasted AMAZING.

I wolfed down the lot so don’t have any pictures to show was amazing though. Trust me. I also hear the Mushroom burger comes highly recommended.

The Milkshack (£2.75)


This little milkshake place was somewhere we used to go whenever we had guests round. It’s such a neat experience to choose your favourite sweet/chocolate/fruit/cereal from their massive selection (all neatly organised using little cubby hole shelf! See below) and watching them scoop ice cream, pour milk, tear the wrapper off your chosen flavour and blending it all into a milkshake.


I went for a Love Hearts milkshake, which tasted a little fizzy (like Love Hearts dur) and probably wouldn’t go for it again. Should have just stuck with a Strawberry Shoelaces milkshake, the king of all the milkshakes.

There’s nearly always a queue and a 3-5 minute wait for the shake to blend-which is ok, nobody likes lumps of liquorice in their mouth..

*Wouldn’t recommend if you’re on a diet, arrr heck just do it anyway, it’s worth the calories!*

Travelling Man Fanboy Shop (65p)

No geek can resist a peruse of the Travelling Man comic/game store located on Goodramgate Gate. There are so many comics, graphic novels and merch you’re bound to walk out with something. I bought a marble effect D6 (just a die with six sides) in the hope that one day I’ll be able to make a necklace out of it. Which probably won’t happen but the line of thinking was “I always need die..and I’m supporting a local business who probably needs the 65p more than Amazon!”.

The Fudge Kitchen (£16)

I love this place (located on Church Street), the staff have so much energy and enthusiasm for working there. There’s still someone standing outside with a free samples sign which is always a bonus but they now added a (rigged in a nice way) spin wheel for customers who bought a box of fudge (like me).

fudge kitchen outer


free fudge samples

Free Fudge Lady!

Aaand fudge making demonstration! It was so much fun we watched the whole thing. The lady was super funny and there was an element of pantomime as the audience made noises to warn her that the fudge was about to spill off the table.

fudge kitchen demo 1

I actually visited the shop twice in the weekend, but stupidly didn’t buy the Raspberry and White Chocolate fudge the first time I went and the next day they had sold out..*tears of regret* I ended up buying a box of 4 (2x Strawberry and White Chocolate, Belgium Swirl, Chocolate Orange) and “won” a free slice (I went for Traditional Toffee).

The rigged but in a nice way wheel

The rigged but in a nice way wheel

Strawberry and White Chocolate (top left), Traditional toffee (top right), Belgium Swirl (bottom left), Chocolate orange (bottom right)

Strawberry and White Chocolate (top left), Traditional toffee (top right), Belgium Swirl (bottom left), Chocolate orange (bottom right)

Willow (£4 entry)

Wow this place has really gone up in the world since 2009! It was just starting to get popular with the students a couple of years ago.

It used to be a cheapo Chinese buffet that turned into a free entry disco after 10ish (like a weird version of Cinderella I guess?). They would move the chairs and tables away from the dance floor and hire a DJ to play songs from the 90′s. The smell of Chinese lingered in the air as you danced and there were free prawn crackers to enjoy in between shots.

Nowadays, they’ve removed the restaurant part from their business plan and charge for their fully fledged disco! Still the same tacky Chinese restaurant deco mind, and the chairs and tables are still there, just no food or prawn crackers..

If you’re up for some non-pretentious, somewhat cringey night, enjoy Busted, Linkin Park, One Direction among some oldie stuff like The Proclaimers, make sure you give Willow a try. Doors open at 10.30pm and drinks are moderately priced from what I remember.

Evil Eye Sunday roast (£5 Child Portion)

Evil Eye outer (2)

What’s better than a hearty Sunday Roast? How about a Sunday Roast in a cool voodoo lounge? By night Evil Eye is a buzzing cocktail bar where you’re served by super alternative bartenders and where you really do get your money’s worth of alcohol (no relation).

I wasn’t particularly hungry as we had a full English breakfast about 1hr beforehand (included in the price for our b&b room, who am I to say no) so I opted for the child sized lamb roast which I found was plenty.

Evil eye roast menu

For a fiver I got a decent amount of lamb, red cabbage, stuffing, potatoes, Yorkshire pub, parsnips  all swimming in yummy gravy. There were jars of standard apple, mint and bread sauce available for those into that sort of thing.

Kids portion

Kids portion

All in all, York was pretty much how I remembered it with a few nice changes!

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  1. Louise says:

    Hello you :) loving the blog. Bookmarked accordingly. I may have been on this trip but look forward to getting recommendations in future from A Geek Abroad.

    Also that kids portion looks massive- don’t know how I managed to adult. Aaah Evil Eye x

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