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Published on November 14th 2014

A nice surprise during dinner!

Saturday night in London, getting kinda hungry and the weather’s gone bad. We were walking down the high street in Hammersmith looking for somewhere to eat and half way down we came across a tapas restaurant called Toro Gordo.

Looked like the nicest restaurant on the street and it’s been ages since I had tapas- we thought what the heck, let’s go in.


The food was standard-London/expensive for most people. About £5-£8 for each tapas, our almost-too-friendly waiter recommended ordering 2 to 3 tapas each so that’s what we did.

We ordered the Croquetas (a staple tapas!), Montaditos (no idea), Pincho Moruno (amazing lamb skewer! So juicy), Gambas con Gabardina (battered prawns) and Magret Pato (sliced duck breast). Delicously soft brownie for dessert too.

I noticed this fabric door covering a corridor and thought cool..

one piece wanted poster fabric door

But…..After paying the bill, I needed to pay a quick visit to the toilet (Whizz palace as Leslie Knope would call it) and to my surprise, the decor made my inner anime nerd giggle! They have a really awesome anime collage covering the walls of each stall.I peeked in the other stalls as I was so excited..

anime wall in restroom

As a rule I don’t take toilet selfies. Who in their right mind would?? Well, well-played Toro Gordo, you’ve done it. You’ve given me a solid reason for taking my first and only toilet selfie:

my first and only toilet selfie

Bit of One Piece love!

one piece

I might have known the toilets would be matching! Great little find! If you’re in Hammersmith go check it out! Great food, amazing decor and lovely candles too.



Address: Toro Gordo, 121 King St, London, W6 9JG

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